Fazenda Anacã has several trails on the property which allow our guests to explore the forest reserves, natural springs, and the Maria Helena reservoir. On the trails an attentive visitor may observe birds, monkeys, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians, flowers and other flora and fauna typical of the southern Amazon. Our team uses specialized equipment to facilitate observations for our guests, including spotting scopes, binoculars, and speakers to reproduce recorded bird songs in order to attract some of the shier Amazonian birds.


Nocturnal outings on the property offer our guests the opportunity to observe owls and other nocturnal birds, in addition to caimans (a type of alligator), crab-eating foxes, and with luck, perhaps even a Lowland Tapir, the largest land mammal in South America. Our guides use high powered flashlights to spot animals at a distance, but we use good sense in observing them at close range so as not to overly disturb the wildlife.


The largest of the four reservoirs on the property. An overlook and a floating observation deck, in addition to our trails, maximize opportunities for photography of the many parrots and macaws, toucans, and aquatic birds that live here. The reservoir is a perfect place to listen to the forest as day breaks, or to enjoy a spectacular sunset. Children and adults can enjoy fishing using traditional techniques with bamboo rods, either from the floating observation deck or from our row boat.


Located just steps from your room, our custom-made swimming pool blends seamlessly into the surrounding gardens. With three distinct depths (25 cm, 45 cm, and 1.40 m), the pool is perfect for guests of all ages. Beyond being a great choice for relaxation and cooling down during the hottest hours of the day, our swimming pool also offers a privileged view of our unforgettable Amazonian sunsets.


For a panoramic view of the ranch, or to photograph sunrise or sunset, the lookout tower beside the lodge is the place to be. Sturdy, well-built stairs take you to the observation platform at a height of 10 metres, a great vantage point to watch and photograph the macaws, parakeets, and other birds that fly over the lodge on a daily basis.


Relaxing horse-drawn buggy rides or guided outings on horseback are a couple of the activities we offer to our guests who would like to experience the tranquility of traditional rural life in Brazil. These outings are perfect for families with children, who love to see the cattle, horses, goats, and guineafowl... you can even milk our cows!